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Yes, squeezing into a pressurised chunk of flying aluminium tubing is alien to humans. You do it out of necessity (and hopefully still with some degree of pleasure). He does it because he loves it. He has the best ‘Office’ in the world, and is intensely proud of his industry and of the fantastic colleagues with whom he has shared his lifelong affair with aviation.

Divorced, with two adult offspring and four grandchildren, he shares his love of flying and of travel with his partner, Lizzie. He is an accomplished chef who can concoct a better King Prawn Biryani than your local Taj Mahal. He delivers career advice lectures to schools, and explains the mysteries of aviation medicine to groups of doctors in General Practice. He is also a Member and Past President of Toastmasters International, and is highly acclaimed both as an after-dinner 

speaker and as a guest speaker on cruise ships worldwide. You will certainly enjoy being part of this world, and hopefully you will leave with some new knowledge. And, yes, even with a new-found feeling of confidence in the aviation fraternity. Or…perhaps not.

Come Fly With Me: Some secrets you might honestly not wish to know… 


David offers a series of talks on aviation in general, all of which take a humorous view of the industry.

His other area of specialist knowledge is France, and again he takes a tongue in cheek look at our nearest European neighbour.

He also offers a talk on the light-hearted aspects of being a lecturer on cruise ships.

If you have some interesting stories to tell, he might even let you in on the secret of how to go about doing shipboard talks yourself!

In the first instance, please refer all enquiries to

Kenny Donaldson at TMC Entertainment Ltd.

Tel: 0131 440 9226 Fax: 0131 440 3262

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