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Welcome Aboard!

It has been a very busy year once again, and I am preparing to depart on a cruise on Royal Caribbean 'Navigator of the Seas' to the Canary Islands. I'll also be back on Queen Mary 2 just before Christmas on her westbound transatlantic voyage to New York.

I hope that I may meet some of my old friends on board somewhere and sometime in the near future.

With all best wishes.



David Henderson, After Dinner Speaker

David Henderson is an international airline captain with more than 22,000 hours in the air; hundreds of hours of boredom punctuated by moments of stark terror. He trained in the RAF and subsequently worked for ‘The World’s Favourite’ and latterly for major Middle East and Far East airlines. He has flown almost every type of flying machine from paragliders to aerobatic and vintage aeroplanes to Boeing 747s. He has a Master’s degree in modern languages.

His talks, which are researched meticulously

from a vast memory bank of fact, anecdote

and downright lies, to ensure the correct

material for each individual audience,

are a mixture of entertainment, information

and behind the scenes knowledge.

David Henderson After Dinner SpeakerHe is one of the men to whom you may have

unwittingly entrusted your lives, and the

very fact that both you, and he, are here

this evening is sure proof that he got

things right for most of the time.

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